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An instrumentation system is required for a differential input. The amplified signal is to be low pass filtered. The amplified and filtered signal is to give a current loop output. Design the system using operational amplifiers operating from ? 15 V dc power supply. Your design is to consider the affect of noise created by the system.

Stage 1
A differential amplifier:
? Minimum CMRR of 50 dB
? Maximum input of 1 mVrms

Stage 2
An active 4th order low pass filter:
? No ripple allowed in pass band
? Cut-off frequency of 4 kHz.
? The filter can be realised using known valid methods.

Stage 3
A voltage-to-current converter that will convert the filter output voltage:
? Current output 5 to 25 mA current loop
? 5 mA for zero input to the system and 25 mA for a 1 mVrms input to the system. HINT ? think carefully about what this requirement is asking!

This assignment defines only the input and the output of the system. It is up to the group to define inter-stage interfaces. In industry it is usual practice to write a system specification and sub system specifications so as to ensure all aspects are covered.
Designs must be tested and validated by using a computer-aided circuit design package, for example PSpice or Multisim?. You may prototype the circuit and test it to confirm your simulations if you wish. All practical errors due to component tolerances must be accounted for and taken into considerations for the designs.

Record the model number(s) and manufacturer(s) of the chosen operational amplifier(s) for the various stages and include reasons for the choice(s).

All analysis and detailed circuit designs, results and discussions shall be documented in a concisely written formal report that include full details and reasons for circuit design, relevant evaluations, item lists, component costs, manufacturer, test results and references.

Please note that full data sheets are not to be included in the report. Extracts may be included if they are referred to in the assignment. Clearly state all assumptions.

1. The design, test and analysis part of this group assignment is to be undertaken in groups of three students. In exceptional circumstances permission may be given to work in a group of two.
2. You are to produce an overall group report, to a professional standard, clearly identifying those parts written as a group and those parts written individually by each group member.
3. Standard circuit diagram, mathematical and quantity symbols must be used for all documentation using appropriate ECAD drawings or those of drawing packages.
4. It is possible that you will be required to be interviewed about the report if it is not clear who was responsible for part of the report.
5. Each group will be allocated a Wiki on myCourse to facilitate group work. You are STRONGLY advised to use it as it can be used as evidence of group working.

Learning Outcomes
This assessment will enable you to demonstrate in full or in part the learning outcomes identified in the unit descriptors as listed below.

Cognitive Skills
1 Analyse and design circuits utilising operational amplifiers.

Practical and Professional Skills
3 Use Electronic Computer-Aided Design (ECAD) tools to design and verify electronic circuits.

Transferable and Key Skills
4 Work effectively as part of a team.

Academic Misconduct
Any submission must be your own work (and that of your group) and where facts or ideas have been used from other sources, these sources must be appropriately referenced. The University?s Academic Handbook, includes the definitions of all practices that will be deemed to constitute academic misconduct. You should check this link before submitting your work.
I just want you to do just the first stage using PSpice

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