Electronic System Design Assignment Custom Essay

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You are required to analyze the DVM design, which was presented and described to you during lectures. Then you are required to produce an alternative design, which includes all details of the circuit arrangements (several are missing from the original design), as well as improvements and extensions to the original design.

Specifically you should:

1. Replace the obsolete Z80 processor with an appropriate PIC device, whilst retaining all of the Input/output features.

2. Show the full circuit, including circuit schematic details for the mode (V/I/R) and range (0 to 2.55, 0 to 25.5, 0 to 255) switch selections.

Note: The existing hardware design does not include this facility for range, and the control program does not make adjustments for different range.

3. Show the full circuit for signal input (V, I, R for both DC and AC signals)
4. Replace the speech synthesizer (and its associated ROM/EPROM and shift register) with a PIC device.

Your report should include a circuit diagram, a modular block diagram of the control program and descriptions of both the hardware and software. Also include an estimate of the cost of both the development and the manufacture of your DVM.

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