Emirate Airlines Custom Essay

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the topic of the project will be ( Emirate airlines)
Time Frame:
2008-2010- write what happened only in this period
This project provides an opportunity to get
some hands-on experience applying corporate finance theory and models to the airline industry.
You should collect all the relevant financial data, in the process, you will get a chance to:
(a) Calculate some financial ratios for the airlines for the last two years and include:
i. Liquidity ratios
i. Current ratio
ii. Quick ratio
ii. Profit margin
iii. Receivable collection period
(b) Evaluate the risk profile of the airline, and examine the sources of risk.
i. What information and data are most useful in answering this question?
ii. Calculate debt to total asset ratio
iii. Calculate debt equity ratio
iv. Estimate EBIT
(c) Analyze its capital structure, and decide whether the airline is under or over leveraged.
i. Calculate Altman Z-score.
(d) Examine its dividend policy, and decide whether more or less should be paid in
(e) Value the firm.
(f) Restructure the airline and revalue it.

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