Employee Privacy Rights custom essay

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Scope & Topic Article Review Assignment – Employee Privacy Rights. Research two current articles that discuss employee privacy issues. You will compare and contrast the two articles in the analysis section. The articles should be written no earlier than 2005. Resources and Research The internet, online library, industry publications, periodicals, professional journals, newspapers and books are acceptable. Be sure to cite all sources properly. Review the writing standards and plagiarism link at the left before starting the assignment. The article you choose must also be in-depth and professional. Opinion pieces, blog entries, Wikipedia pages, and one- or two-paragraph summaries are not acceptable. Report Requirements The written article review will be one half to one page (maximum), single spaced using a font size no larger than 12 point. It should include the following sections, in order: 1. Basic bibliographic information. List the title, author, publication name and date. If you found the article online, please include the exact URL. 2. Brief summary of the article. Explain the article in your own words. This summary will be one to two paragraphs in length. Be concise! 3. Analysis and Critique. This section should be your main focus of this assignment. Draw some of your own conclusions about how the issue discussed in the article will affect people and businesses in the real world. Three to four paragraphs. Answer the following:
– What specific laws?
– How will this affect business?
– How does this Issue affect you personally? If it do

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