Employment Law and Disability Essay

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“In Aitken v Commissioner of police of the Metropolis (EAT 0226/09) the Employment Appeals Tribunal, in remarks that are clearly obiter, rejected the argument that the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 should be interpreted to include discrimination because of a perceived disability. However, in light of the stated intentions of the legislature these obiter remarks of the EAT in Aitken must now be regarded as having been superseded by the 2010 Act.” (ELB 2011, “The Equality Act 2010 – observations on the disability provisions.”,101 (Feb), 2-4)

****Critically evaluate, discuss and assess what difficulties, if any, this may cause a claimant in relation to establishing discrimination on the part of the employer on the basis of a perceived disability

please find the references in the attached paper.
References (style) should be the same as the previous work.

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