Energy from the wind custom essay

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You are required to sustainability assessment case studies provided in the Study Guide.
Your analysis should contain a discussion of relevant ethical and sustainability issues drawing on the relevant theories and concepts covered in this unit.
You are required to supplement the case materials with your own extensive research. You should utilise relevant ethical theories and principles from Topics 2, 3 and 4 Assessment case study 2

Energy from the wind
Evaluate the environmental and long-term economic viability of wind powered energy systems. How do the ethics of wind energy compare to coal powered energy generation? The following two readings will assist you?re analysis but you must do your own extensive research.

Reading 7.4 Macintosh, A & Downie, C 2006, Wind Farms: The Facts and the Fallacies, Discussion Paper Number 91, October pp. 1?46.

Reading 7.5 Diesendorf, M 2003, ?Why Australia needs wind power?, Dissent, no. 13, Summer, pp. 43?48.

Activity 7.1 How would an anthropocentric version of sustainability differ from an ecocentric version?

Activity 7.2 Go to comment on the potential contribution of this technology to sustainability. What are the barriers that need to be over come?

Activity 7.3 What are the major causes of unsustainability? What are the solutions?

Activity 7.4 Evaluate the bogus claim that nuclear energy is clean, green and environmentally friendly. Why is nuclear energy unsustainable and dangerous?

Activity 7.5 Go to and calculate your personal carbon footprint.

This is our text book, So please use the theories in the book and uis this as one of the reference: Thiroux, J & Krasemann, K 2009, Ethics, Theory and Practice, 10th edn, Pearson, New Jersey.

I am an international student, so please do not make the english too academic as this is a report please use the repotr style our uni use “thrn it in ” system, so I don’t want fail because fo the similarity.

For the other materials like the two readings and the PPT of ethics theory I’ll send to you later.

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