Enterprise system proposal custom essay

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To assist the clients in identifying, developing and implementing a best Enterprise System proposal with practical strategic planning and suggestions. The focus of this guide should be on adopting a strategic approach (the components should address Enterprise Systems generally, including the status of Enterprise Systems in local context- Australia, lessons learnt, and the way forward).
Students must work as ‘consultant/s’ to develop a Strategic Enterprise Systems Project Management Proposal for a business organization. You are encouraged to develop your proposal based on the business case mentioned below or you may draw on a business case of your preference which must encompass the following requirements:
Option 1:
The key aim of this report is to consult for a company based on the following context:
The current status and future directions of Enterprise Systems of the organization;
Selecting one of ERP products and services;
Implementing ERP systems strategy;
Managing stakeholder relationships and change (Training and testing);
Issues after going live.

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