Environmental Issues: Promoting Environmental Management for Economic Development in Nigeria custom essay

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This purpose of the literature review is to write down what you have learnt about your topic from reading other sources (mainly books and journal articles, but also from the internet). As this assignment is a draft, you can use the feedback that you receive about it to improve the literature review section in your final project.

The literature review has to be written in your own words except for any quotes that you use. You should organise the ideas that you have read about into themes that relate to your topic.

You need a minimum of 8 different sources for your review and they should be fully referenced using the Harvard system. The sources can include 2 credible websites.

Assessment criteria:

We will mark the review using the following criteria:

? How well you have linked the sources to your topic
? How well you have explained the literature you have read
? How many sources you have used
? The overall structure and organisation of the literature review
? Your use of references

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