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1. describe the Geology of this area. (Mendips) attach the doc, just reorganize it in your own words. 3. analysis gravity, magnetism and seismic. already get bouguer anomaly for gravity and mag. seismic is modeled with using plotrefa.(see the pictures) 1. gravity modeled with using Grav2, ( density contrast is 1.7 g/cm3), limestone 2.7 and the cave is filled with air, 1. 2. find the cave, depth investigated, fault location. density…. compare the lines 3. mag similar with gravity 4. seismic, get subsurface structure, velocity from the images ( plotrefa)that i sent. make an interpretation from each survey 4. Discussion and conclusion give a description of subsurface structure (cave, fault & other features).includes location of the cave, shape and fault location. compare with previous work.(attach doc, butchers pdf) Draft * introduction * site (geology, history) * methodology( i ll send this.) * results * discussion and conclusion (compare with previous work, doc is provided) write geology and history of the site (will send the background),results, discussion and conclusion part. maybe 2500 words.( 2 days. )

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