ERP System Custom Essay

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� Professor’s Requirements

� The topic is to find an article or example of a company who needed to change and either implemented an ERP for the first time or changed from one ERP system to another. This can be a success or failure story.

� You must clear the company with me in advance, I do not want duplications

� The paper must contain the following sections:
o What is the current state, and problem or issue?
o What constraints were there to change/implement
o How did the change/implementation go?
o What do you think they did right or wrong based on the course material

� The paper is to be 8 pages double spaced not including title and bibliography

� Grading criteria
o Inclusion of mandatory sections 20%
o Adequate discussion of mandatory sections. 30%
o Logical flow 15%
o Clarity of writing (i.e. not rambling) 20%
o Spelling and Grammar 15%

Please don’t forget, before you start doing the paper you have to send me an e-mail that has the name of the company as the professor wants. And then I will tell you if one of the students has chosen the same company or not. Because the professor does not want duplication.

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