Esl teaching with Net-based multimedia computers custom essay

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English- Second Language Acquisition Research Format (Sections may vary slightly depending on research design) Chapter I: Introduction Statement of the Problem Purpose of the Study Question(s) of the Study Theoretical Rationale (If applicable) Educational Significance Operational Definitions of Key Terms Limitations (4-5 pages) Chapter II: Review of related literature • Introduction • Review (Narrative form, minimum 8 References)-Needs copy of the 8 professional(case study from 2006 to 2011) used as reference for the literature review. • Summary (5-6 pages) Chapter III: Procedures • Research Design • Sample description and selection procedures • Methods and Instrumentation • Validity (3-4 pages) Bibliography (APA style) This is the idea that I want to proof in my research paper Krashen postulates that language learning is directly related to the amount of “comprehensible input” learners received. Such inputs should be a little bit above their understanding but could be understood through inference. Nothing but the Net-based multimedia computers can meet these requirements. Therefore, to provide sufficient input with such high demands in quality and quantity, the Net-based multimedia computers should be widely applied in classroom teaching. The multimedia technology has the potential to bring the whole world into a classroom, creating an optimal environment for EFL learning. Focusing on meanings and messages rather than forms, it not only provides students much information, but arouses their interest in English owing to the effect of color, flash, sound and pictures. With the help of the multimedia computers students can receive comprehensive, individualized instruction in all the skills simultaneously and participate in their regular classroom assignments actively.

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