Essay Outline in Healthcare custom essay

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To find an essay topic, you will be expected to either:
? Use your own experience in an emergency department or those of relative or friend, OR
? Watch an episode of one of the TV medical shows eg. ER, Scrubs, House, Grey?s Anatomy, Dr. Oz, The Doctors

Use your observation time/experience/TV episode to identify a particular issue relevant to emergency department care. The goal of the essay is to describe the issue and analyze it in the wider context of the Canadian health care system by drawing on the academic literature.

If you are using someone else?s experience and that person can be identified (e.g., you refer to your mother, your brother, your spouse), your submitted essay outline and essay must include a signed and dated letter from that person giving you permission to describe their experience.

a) Essay outline (10% of final mark)

The essay outline should be no more than 1.5 to 2 pages long and discuss your essay topic, the issues that you propose to raise in your essay and some of the references you propose to use. Use subheadings ? e.g., Introduction, Issues to Be Discussed, Issue #1, Issue #2, Conclusion (see ?essay structure? section) ? to organize your ideas and plan the structure of your essay.

The outline should indicate what issue will be explored in the essay, which groups will be considered (e.g., government, doctors, nurses, patients, etc.) and finally should either give some of the references that you will use or a detailed description of how you intend to gather material for your essay. Just saying that I will look at books dealing with doctors and nurses is not acceptable.

At least 5 academic references should be included. Academic references are scholarly books, journals, authoritative web sites. Use APA style for the in-text citation and the reference section at the end of the paper. Not all sources from the Internet may be considered as one of the 5 references. Internet sources that are acceptable include:

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