Criminology; Goal Statement forum on the class Discussion Board, start a discussion thread titled Goal Statement Custom Essay

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Goal Statement (1 page)
In the Goal Statement forum on the class Discussion Board, start a discussion thread titled “Goal Statement/ [Your Name].” In one or two paragraphs, please write a personal goal statement for this course. That is, what you want to achieve from this course? You will go back to review this statement during Module 5.

Online Discussion ( 1 page each question)
What do you think is the most important aspect of programs designed to prevent or intervene in gang growth?
Why do some gangs become a danger to their broader communities?

Read Chapters 26-33 The Modern Gang Reader
Written Assignment 4: Program and Policy Analysis (4 pages)
After reading the text, and making an on-site visit to a local agency providing suppression, educational or services to gangs and gang members, write a report which addresses the objectives for Module 4:
1.Describe and analyze different approaches to gangs.
2.Analyze the conditions under which a specific policy or program might be most effective, and the resources required.
3.Compare a local policy, program or approach to those discussed in the text or discovered in research, and assess its potential success or lack thereof, given local conditions

Written Assignment 5: Review Goal Statement (1 page)
Purpose: to assess your personal goal statement and summarize most important learning in a clear, concise statement.
1.Review your goal statement written the first week. Assess your personal goal achievement. What was or was not achieved and why?
2.In a paragraph, write a clear, concise statement of your most important learning from the course.

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