Festival and event tourism: Maha songkran festival in Thailand Custom Essay

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Detailed description of assessment
?Critically assess the characteristics, management and market for a Special Interest Tourism product of your choice?.

Note: I choose festival and event tourism
the product is Maha songkran festival < water festival> in Thailand

Your answer should include the following
1.Context and definitions for your SIT (e.g.-a product, an attraction, activity, a venue, a destination)
2. Definition of festival and event tourism and its context from the literature
3.Product typologies and characteristics
– in general first, and then specifically, if relevant
-Market strategy
–information an attraction, destination, event
-the activities
– how it important
– etc
4. Visitor characteristics and trends and market segmentation
5.Commentary on supply and demand (up to date statistics useful)
6.Performance and SWOT analysis of festival and event tourism in Thailand
7.Management issues, impacts, including a review of any relevant policies
-management issues
-operational issues
-rules and regulation
-the problem that destination have of festival and event tourism
8.Future Development of this idea/area
9. Conclusion of the essay

Note- if you are choosing to develop a new SIT product, then adapt the above guidelines to include practical issues such as what and where your product will be, why? Visitor targets? Marketing strategy? Operational issues (such as where people will stay, for how long, costs, transport etc)
Assessment Title
All of your work should be interspersed with relevant evidence from the literature to support your ideas and critiques.
You should include reference to the literature in this area, up-to-date statistics, online material to a lesser extent, future projections, and your own views on how your chosen SIT is being managed. You should attempt to interpret and assess ?what is happening?, rather than simply giving lots of descriptive material… You should use sub-headings to structure your work and include tables within the text where appropriate.
You may include maps and other supplementary material in an appendix.

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