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Based upon the above topic, you will develop a research question applying the topic to a real nonprofit organization and develop an annotated bibliography of no less than five academic sources. You can choose an organization in one of two ways:
? Study an organization with which you are personally familiar. Most students select the organization for which they work; however, selecting another organization with which they have a connection (e.g., a religious organization, a social organization, etc.) is equally acceptable; or
? Search the University library databases for an article about an existing organization in an academic journal and then analyze that organization.
? You will then need to identify and annotate a minimum of six academic and/or scholarly resources, not counting your texts, based on the research question. Make sure that you start your annotated bibliography with the research question you are attempting to answer…….this will then become the individual paper you have later. “Annotated” means that for every resource identified, you provide a brief description of the article and why he/she chose it for the research project. All sources must be from the University virtual library and the reference must include the University library database in which it is located (e.g., ABI/Inform, Business Source Premier, etc.) and the date retrieved. Articles obtained via Internet search engines or from sources such as Wikipedia will not be accepted. It is not necessary (or advisable) for the student to include the URL, since all electronic library searches result in a URL unique to that search. Most academic journal articles have an abstract or summary from which you can determine the appropriateness of the article to your research question. However, the student should not simply ?cut and paste? the abstract as the annotation; the annotation has to be in the student?s own words and include a discussion as to how that article is appropriate to the research question and/or organization. In most cases, especially if the subject organization is one where the student works or with which they have another connection, the articles will be on the management topic. Articles on the organization (if any) are more likely to be found in non-academic publications, such as news papers and magazines, and can be included in the research provided the focus of the research is drawn from academic sources. Use only refereed journals.
Note: academic journals are usually published by a university (e.g., Harvard Business Review) or a professional society (e.g., The Journal of the American Medical Association), although some may be published by publishing houses (e.g., The Chronicle of Philanthropy). “Popular” periodicals (e.g., Time and Business Week) and newspapers (even The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal) are not academic journals and should not be used.

Second part
Based on your research on the management topic, you then apply that research to an existing nonprofit organization, analyze how that issue has affected the organization?s strategic planning or strategic management and propose recommendations as to how the organization should proceed. You must have a minimum of 6 different citations.

United Aid for Africa (UAA)
Annotated bibliography

Stride, H. and Lee, S. (2007) Branding in the Non-Profit Sector: No Logo? No Way; Journal of Marketing Management Vol. 23 Issue 1/2, p107-122, 16p;

This article covers strategy for new organizations to become competitive. It demonstrates how branding could be ideal. Ten thousand new organizations are joining the charity sector each year (Hankinson 2000). One of the ways in which charities are responding to this increased competition is to adopt commercial branding techniques (Tapp 1996; Ritchie, Swami et al. 1998). This article would help understand how UAA could adopt the branding strategy in order to raise awareness.

Knox, S. Gruar, C.; The Application of Stakeholder Theory to Relationship Marketing Strategy Development in a Non-profit Organization. Journal of Business Ethics; Oct2007, Vol. 75 Issue 2, p115-135, 21p, 7 Diagrams, 4 Charts
This article is an excellent source of information that could help UAA in its decision making strategies relate to relation marketing. Relationship marketing is crucial in the sense that it helps retain current donors.

Akingbola, K. Strategic Change: Strategic choices and change in non-profit organization , Sep/Oct2006, Vol. 15 Issue 6, p265-281, 17p, 3 Charts, 1 Graph; DOI: 10.1002/jsc.772

The article will guide UAA determined its current strategy by considering factors such as internal and external environment, government funding as well as prior strategy.

Villinger, Niti; Analyzing non-profit organizations: managerial frameworks and evaluation. Journal of Global Business Issues; Spring2009, Vol. 3 Issue 1, p61-65, 5p, 1 Diagram
This is a great article that gives pertinent information strategic planning for Non-profits organizations. ?Managing a non-profit organization requires careful planning and organization?. It gives interesting information about strategies and how to form a mission statement.

Nutt, Paul C. ;A Strategic Planning Network for Non- profit Organizations; Strategic Management Journal; Jan-Mar84, Vol. 5 Issue 1, p57-75, 19p

This is another article that educate on Strategic planning processes; it gives a set of techniques to follows a non-profit organization to achieve a successful planning. These techniques take into consideration sponsor’s expectations for quality, acceptance, and/or innovation.

Kong, E. The development of strategic management in the non-profit context: Intellectual capital in social service non-profit organizations. International Journal of Management Reviews; Sep2008, Vol. 10 Issue 3, p281-299, 19p, 1 Diagram
This journal will be very useful for this research because it defines and examines strategic management concepts. It gives a broad component of strategic management that take into consideration the use of SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis, resource-based view and core competency, knowledge-based view, Balanced Scorecard and intellectual capital (IC) through the lens of strategic management development in the non-profit environment.

Kong, E. Farrell, M. The Role of Image and Reputation as Intangible Resources in Non-Profit Organisations: A Relationship Management Perspective. Proceedings of the International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management & Organizational Learning; 2010, p245-252, 8p, 2 Diagrams

This article is very informative; it focuses on the importance of non-profit?s image and reputation. It gives guidance on how to improve customer relationships through image or reputation in non-profit organizations. A strong image and reputation are keys factor because they drive more donation and resource to achieve the organization goal.

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