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Write an analytical essay demonstrating an understanding and analysis of satire in texts (of the cartoon) located at- https://www.scratch.com.au/archive/2011/110517ct.jpg Identify the point of view, attitude and assumption represented in this cartoon. How does the author position the audience through the use of text, language and visual features? Include in your analysis an explanation of your personal response to the issue identified in the cartoon. Who is the cartoonist? Who is the publisher? Who is the subject? (person, event, issue or idea) What is the target? (As the text is likely to be critical, who is the target of this criticism?) What is the style? (It it simple or elaborate?) What is the tone? What values are challenged? What is the point of view of the author? What techniques are used by the writer? ( for example: irony, hyyperbole, understatement, caricature, symbolss or visual metaphors, stereotyping) What impact could the text have on different readers?

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