Precautions in Administering Vaccines Custom Essay

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On page 818 in your textbook you will see a box under #6 that is titled �Precautions in Administering Vaccines.� Ignore the instructions in the textbook, but use the information in that box to produce a document that communicates the precautions in administering vaccines. You may add to, delete from, or change the language of these precautions; however, the intent of the message must remain intact.

Your completed document will be evaluated on the following scale:
Chunking, bulleting, and labeling, or other appropriate devices 17 points
Visuals, such as flowcharts, clip art, or other appropriate devices 17 points
Appropriate order 15 points
Appropriate diction and grammar/punctuation 17 points
Use of white space, font, color, or other appropriate devices 17 points
Appropriate use of cautionary devices 17 points
this exercise requires that you use white space, fonts, graphics, and other visual techniques to present the information in the box in the most helpful way possible.

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