The critical thinking institute and universal intellectual standards:The Critical Thinking Community Custom Essay

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Answer each question thoroughly. Please cite the rubric for specifics on high quality answers, which are adapted from the critical thinking institute and universal intellectual standards:The Critical Thinking Community

All questions must be answered using correct grammar, APA citations when appropriate, and be a minimum of 50 words per answer.

Chapter Two: Making the Shift: Schools Meet Society?s Needs

1. What are the needs of society? Does education meet them?
2. Describe the disruptive innovation theory and provide at least one modern day example. (Remember, it is not a breakthrough improvement.)
3. Another common analogy used when discussing public education is the ?fixing a plane in mid-flight?. Is there any merit for this one?
4. Is there, as this book alludes to, a crisis in education? Explain.

Chapter Three: Crammed Classroom Computers

1. What is the point of having three computers in a classroom with 35 students?
2. Are there certain subjects, lessons, concepts, etc, that cannot be taught by a computer and/or online? Explain.
3. Describe some of the business examples of Disruptive Innovations, i.e., RCA, Sony, Merrill Lynch, etc.
4. What made Escalante a great teacher? And, would he be the same on video? What about the relationships he made with students, the care he had for them, the expectations he challenged them to adhere to…are the authors of this book missing something?

Chapter Two: Jujitsu and the Technologies of the Groundswell

1. How can each of the six different Groundswell technologies be used to benefit education?
2. How would a site like ? fare in each of the five points of the Groundswell Technology Test?
3. Can you think of any ?threats? to the institution of education? Explain.
4. What does the author say is the ?principle for mastering the Groundswell?? How do you view technology strengthening/weakening/both this principle?

Chapter Three: The Social Technographics Profile

1. Type in ?top 100 education blogs? into Google and visit the first site that pops up. Pick two of their sites and compare them. How are they more like ?critics? or ?creators??
2. How do you think MTVs social technographic profile could be used to form an education campaign in the Groundswell?
3. Where do you sit on the social technographic ladder? Of the activities listed, how do ones that you participate regularly in, match up with the reasons given for being involved? Do you have additional motivations that aren?t mentioned?
4. How could a profile of other teachers, administrators, & PTA members be useful?

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