The Jazz Age and the Harlem Renaissance custom essay

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Part I: Although it can be easy to miss, Nick is suffering from what we now know as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The way Nick believes he can heal his body and mind is to fish and camp in nature. How is this survival mode helpful? How is nature helpful? What are some of the metaphors Hemingway uses to describe Nick’s mental and physical condition? What might the swamp represent?

Part II: Gertrude Stein is known to be one of the most innovative modern writers in American literature. Even early in her career, she consciously experimented with fiction in the way that Modern painters like Cezanne, Matisse, and Picasso experimented with “traditional” subject matter and forms. In “The Gentle Lena,” Stein is more interested in creating a psychological “portrait” of a woman than telling a story with traditional plot structure. What is your reaction to the corresponding de-emphasis on plot and setting? How does it affect your reading experience about a woman whose life is passive and passionless? What effect does Stein’s technique of employing repetition over and over have on the overall tone and theme?

Please post no fewer than 300 words, making sure to balance your answers to the separate parts. You should use quotations from the text to support your points, but make sure they don’t dominate your posts.

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