Establishing Information Systems of The furniture company FYC Essay

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The furniture company FYC was founded in 1947 by Ronald J. Dirksen after the end of World War II. The company diversified its furniture to meet both commercial and residential customer’s needs which enlarged their market reach and boosted its sales. The company had more innovations and by 1980’s it introduced ergonomically friendly home and office furniture and introduced mail orders which boosted their sales as well. The daughter of Ronald J. Dirksen, Donna Dirksen took over after his death and has successfully run the company profitably and she is concerned on delayed processes mainly in invoicing and collections…..

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Role of Information Systems and the importance placed on them: and the importance of Information Systems in the organization. The role of Information Systems and its importance in the organization as Donna Dirksen specifies is essential to unlock the capability of the organization and ease operations. According to White, (2003) implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program shall enhance Information Technology in the organization and increase on its credibility of information and date which is being used in day to day decision making of the organization….

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In conclusion the website which is in place is goods and is informational to the customers but there is need to make it more interactive by integrating it with the back office software’s and database. This shall enable the customers to enquire automated responses, query the database, place order and pay for the goods online and track delivery. The integration of the website shall be done with the point of sales systems which shall as well need to be upgraded….

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