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Students will: 1. Synthesize the elements necessary to writing an ethical argument. 2. Revise, using the principles of presentation for an ethical argument as outlined below under Revision.* Readings Read Ramage Chapter 14 Assignment Write a research-supported, 3-4 page paper based on Chapter 14 in Ramage’s text. Choose a topic in which you are to write an ethical argument. Be careful with this essay; stay off your soapbox. This is to be a scholarly paper, not a lecture about your values. However, I’m open to this being a more fun paper. You may choose to take a topic and argue the ethical side opposite of the accepted norm. See what you come up with. With the final draft I want to see: 2. Correct pagination and essay format as mentioned in Unit 1. 3. Works Cited page with at least three sources (no Wikipedia) 4. Annotated Bibliography mentioned in Unit 1 *Revision Writing ethical arguments can be both intellectually daunting and emotionally strenuous for many students. Without the guiding light of a “class purpose” to illuminate your evaluation, it’s easy to fall into confusion. Use the following questions to assist in the revision process. 1. Is the argument based on some enduring principle, on the consequences of the ethical choice, or on some combination? 2. If the argument is based on some principle, does, that principle specifically enjoin or prohibit the action of does it offer “ideal case” guidelines that must be interpreted for the given situation? 3. Could someone reasonably interpret that principle in such a way as to reach a different conclusion? Do you know of any other principles possessed of the same degree of universality that enjoin a different response? 4. What negative consequences will follow from the decision based on principle? 5. If the argument is based on consequences, what evidence do you offer that the anticipated consequences will in fact come to pass? 6. Do you clearly divide those consequences into costs and benefits and demonstrate that the benefits of the decision will outweigh the costs? 7. Does the decision based on consequence violate any universal, or at least commonly accepted, ethical principle? 8. Is your decision capable of being “universalized,” that is, treated as a precedent for future decisions of a similar nature? My personal instructions: I don’t really care what the subject of this essay is on, as long as there is no encyclopedia sites used as a source. Also on the annotated bibliography the description only needs to be a sentence or two. Any other questions please email me asap Due date is 3/26

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