Ethical Leadership Essay

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Need to see the movie “Hotel Rwanda, and write a 3 pg. essay discussing the following: What are the various “leadership shadows” that affect various characters in the movie, including Paul (chapter 1, pg.7-21 in leadership)? What are the reasons for their ethical failures (chapter2 in leadership)? How does Paul’s ethical capacity expand as we move through the story (pg. 49 – 57 in leadership)?

will provide you with a website that you can have access to the book to answer the questions that I originally wrote on the order. Please assure me that you got the questions. Also, when I spoke to the operator earlier, i mentioned that I needed the essay by tomorrow (5/26/09) @ 2:00 pm and she
said that it was ok and that you (A1841), the writer was available. The following is the website for the book.,M1

I copied and pasted it. try it , it should work

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