Ethics and Supervision in Mental Health Counseling Case Study Ethical Pitfalls in Managed Care custom essay

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Application: Ethics and Supervision

Counselors who are in a supervisory role must constantly be aware of their ethical obligations. Ethically and legally, supervisors are responsible for the quality of services and actions of supervisees who are under their supervision. Ethical supervision includes paying particular attention to the following areas: competence, evaluation and due process, dual relationships, confidentiality, and informed consent. While supervision may seem fairly straightforward, it is actually a complex and often multi-layered process that should not be taken lightly.

Counselors in training also have an ethical responsibility to secure appropriate supervision from a qualified supervisor, to be aware of this supervisor’s theoretical orientation as it applies to supervision, and to be an active partner in the supervisory process. Many states have specific guidelines for approved clinical supervisors. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are receiving the specific type, quality, and quantity of supervision that is required by your academic program and state for licensure.

The assignment: (3?4 pages)

Analyze the qualities of an ethical supervisor.
Evaluate why it is important to have an ethical supervisor.
Address what you would do if you discovered that your supervisor was behaving unethically.
Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list only for those resources not included in the Learning Resources for this course.


Article: Magnuson, S., Black, L. L., & Norem, K. (2004). Supervising school counselors and interns: Resources for site supervisors. Journal of Professional Counseling: Practice, Theory, & Research, 32(2), 4?15.

Article: Neukrug, E., Milliken, T., & Walden, S. (2001, September). Ethical complaints made against credentialed counselors: An updated survey of state licensing boards. Counselor Education & Supervision, 41(1), 57?70.

Article: American Counseling Association (ACA). (2005). ACA policies and procedures for processing complaints of ethical violations [White Paper]. Retrieved from the ACA website:

American Counseling Association (ACA). (2005a). 2005 ACA code of ethics [White Paper]. Retrieved from the ACA website:

Case Studies

Course Text: ACA Ethical Standards Casebook
“Case Study 8: Ethical Pitfalls in Managed Care”…

Here is a summary of Case study 8.

Martin is a new licensed mental health counselor who has opened his own independent private practice possibly prematurely given the complexities of being a new LPC and beginning his own business. Martin was unprepared for the lack of referrals from all his networking efforts to generate clients. Next he sought to join a managed care company as a network provider. Although there were some benefits to Martin such as having a case manager assist him in getting a psychiatrist involved with one of his anorexic clients. Unfortunately when the clients benefits ran out, the case manager told Martin to spread out the treatment over a longer period of time. Martin faced an ethical dilemma of abandoning his client when the insurance company said he had used all the sessions ACA code A.11.a it is inappropriate for a counselor to abandon a client. Martin handled this by resentfully seeing the client for free (Herlihy, B., & Corey, G., 2006). If other clients become aware that he is not charging one of his clients this could lead to problems with his relationship with other clients (Remley, T. P., Jr., & Herlihy, B., 2010). Another client that Martin was seeing was an 11 year old boy for aggression at school, Martin soon realizes that the parents conflict are contributing the boys acting out. Martin breaks that ACA code C.6.b. it is unethical to mislead an insurance company for billing.

Martin followed ACA code A.11.a when he kept seeing the client for free when her insurance expired, however this could lead Martin to have resentful feelings and lead him to not provide the best practice. ACA D.1.g. acknowledges if a counselor takes employment, they will be expected to be in compliance with the company policies. The other client Martin has engaged in insurance fraud and violated the ethical code C.6.b. when he gave misleading client information to the insurance company, billing for the child?s counseling when he was actually seeing the parent. There are legal and ethical issue that if discovered could lead to legal actions being taken against Martin as well as sanctions from the ACA. (American Counseling Association (ACA). 2005).
To safeguard against such situations in your counseling practice I would discuss the issue with the managed care case worker, explaining that the child will benefit by counseling and that I would like this covered. I would also explain this situation to the couple prior to doing this and ask if they would like me to request this for them. I would also ask the client to speak to their insurance company about this request (Herlihy, B., & Corey, G., 2006). Establishing a sliding scale for clients and informing them of these issues at the beginning of the counseling relationship would be important as well (Remley, T. P., Jr., & Herlihy, B., 2010).

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