Ethnography Approach Essay

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This project it is an ethnography approach which I am expected to observe the world around me for 30-45 minutes and obtain my observations on the cultural and behavioral characteristics of those who I shall involve in the project. According to Altheide, (2003) ethnography is the description of people and their culture in relation to the specific subject matter which is under study. My observation is based in the computer laboratory after classes on the student culture on use of the internet…

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Based on the hypotheses presented I shall need to write the survey items which will test on the hypothesis. The main purposes of the survey items are to test the hypothesis if it is true and this forms the analysis part of the project. According to Altheide, (2003) ethnographic content analysis will be contrasted with conventional and quantitative content analysis this is done on approach to collection of data, its interpretation and analysis. Ethnographic content analysis will be used to provide means of obtaining the data; measure its frequency and get the variety of messages relating to the hypothesis. The following survey items shall be presented to the students.

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