Event Management Custom Essay

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Written Paper You are required to complete a 2250 Words project paper as half
(50%) of the module assessment.
• Using BOTH Academic and Practitioner (industry) research sources.

Evaluate the current level of understanding of The Triple Bottom Line
and how it affects the EMP (events management process).

(but this example should not be the same example that in the lecture note as my prof. want to see different example)

This is the draft outline of how the essay should be:

– Introduction 150-200 words
– Event: 500 words, what is it?
– EMP (Events Management Process): 500 words, how does it work?
– TBL (Triple Bottom Line): 500 words, Why people use it? what is it? how does it exist? (outside+industry example)
– and about 200 words should be showing the link between Event, EMP and TBL (how does it link to each other)
– Conclusion 500 words: Throughts/opinions and recommendation

I will attach the lecture notes and a photo that I took from my friend’s note (the outline of how this essay should be) for you later

** Also please use proper Harvard referencing

** I want you to use academic writing style but also it should be easy for me to read and understand too and also the prof. said he want the essay to be fluent from beginning to the end.

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