Examples of Case Studies and How to Write a Case Study

There are basically two types of case studies; success stories and cases that purport to offer solutions to problems that affect a given section of humanity. Success stories are the most common examples of case studies. These case studies are mainly used in business circles to show how a business rose from scratch to attain the “blue-chip” status it may be boasting of. In such a case study, challenges, threat and all that a business went through on its way to success are usually highlighted. The purpose of this example of case studies is to let others empathize with the problems faced, and also stimulate interest in the steps that were taken in order to rise above all the challenges.

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Although success story examples of case studies are closely associated with business firms, other organizations, persons and nations may also subjects of analysis in a case study. Like in business case studies, cases dealing with other subjects also provide details of the challenges faced and solutions that were used in solving the problems, and ultimately propelling the subjects into their current state.

The other example of case studies deals exclusively on making propositions to solve a problem facing a community, persons, country or an organization. The major difference between this example of case study and the success story is that the former offers solutions that have already worked, while the latter offers suggestions which may or may not work. Another difference that separates the two case study examples is referencing. Success stories require no referencing. These are simply true life stories and so do not require any citation or documentation. The other example of case studies requires proper attribution of all borrowed words, thoughts and phrases. Failure to do this may render a case study valueless: people may not just take personal opinions as workable solutions. primeessaywritings.com ❶ Examples of Case Studies

How to Write a Case Study

Writing a case study can be equated to designing a puzzle, which one may expect other people to solve. This simply means that to write a case study, an author needs to have a problem which the audience, or readers in this case, are required to provide solution(s). The next section of this article provides some insights on how to write a case study.

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In writing a case study, a researcher should first of all have a problem in mind which he or she would like to see solved. After identifying the problem, an author should narrow the problem into workable bits. Proper description of a problem determines the success or failure a case study.
Before deciding how to write a case study, a researcher should consider the availability of research materials. Fortunately with this step, a researcher may not encounter many hurdles as the internet and libraries have enough resources which can be used for reference purposes. Having tackled this step exhaustively, a researcher may then move to the next step, which has to do with suggesting solutions to the problems being analyzed.

In many cases, suggestions to a problem should come from researchers themselves. However, before making a decision on how to write a case study, a researcher may go through reference materials to see what other researchers have to say about their topic.

The final step, on how to write a case study, deals entirely with recommendations. After thorough research and data analysis, a researcher should recommend the best solution to tackle the problem being analyzed. On this section, detailed information on how the solution is to be implemented should be provided.
The three steps discussed here offer a simplified summary on how to write a case study. A researcher, however, may break the steps further such that each step has other subtopics; all giving suggestions on how to write a case study. primeessaywritings.com ❶ How to Write a Case Study

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