Fairness of dealing with performance management within the labour market Custom Essay

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It’s a group work select one question:

Select an organisation of your choice (Saudi Food and Drug Authority ‘SFDA’ in my case)
1- discuss the performance measurements tools that would be suitable for use in the organisation(for those organisation that don’t yet measure performance), or for those that measure performance, the tools that are applied to measure performance, justify why such tools will be appropriate for use and/or have been used respectively. Use appropriate reference in your discussion.
2- Give the dynamism of the organisation you have selected, establish how adequate/inadequate the performance measurements tools currently used are in today’s context. If adequate justify your response. If inadequate propose other performance measurement tools in addition to the exciting ones that may be used to measure performance with a view to enhancing corporate performance.
3- Formulate a plan through which you would implement the quality evaluation method(s), which you have selected in 2 above for your chosen organisation

800 words. and also u need to refer it the study that was given to us as part of the assignment.

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