Falcon Spirit Scenario; mayflower marina custom essay

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We have visited falcon spirit which is a boat in mayflower marina. I will upload the information about the falcon spirit boat to help you with the writing. The scenario is :
has been approached by the Local Education Authority to run a day trip for a group of 6th Form students who are considering studying Ocean Science at University. They want the students to get first-hand experience of carrying out scientific work at sea and to have the chance to observe oceanographic equipment being deployed.
You have been asked by the Head of School to write a proposal in response to their expression of interest and to see if we can capture this business by offering RV Falcon Spirit for a day charter. This would provide a useful contribution to the operating cost of the vessel.
The student group will be accompanied by a member of staff and arrive by minibus at Mayflower Marina at 0930 and will be collected at 1630. They have advised that one of the group suffered a broken leg in a recent skiing accident and is currently using crutches.
Your proposal should include the following:

– A description of Falcon Spirit
– A schedule for the day outlining the proposed activities
– A description of the scientific equipment that will be demonstrated on the trip
– A risk assessment
– Insurance arrangements
– The number of people that can be taken on the trip
– The price


1. Proposal (maximum of 4 pages, with the risk assessment as an appendix)

2. Excel spreadsheet showing how the price was determined
The work will be assessed against the following criteria:

Professional image conveyed 30%
Completeness of the information provided 30%
Risk Assessment 20%
Detail of pricing information 20%

4 pages for the report, and 1 page for the excel work

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