Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Resource Package Custom Essay

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Assignment 3: Resource Package Assignment. Please see the calendar for the due date. Topics may be chosen after Lesson 2 is posted.

The following behaviour challenges are the topics for the assignment:

Tourette Syndrome
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Anxiety Disorder
Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder – (actually a Communication Exceptionality, however there are usually significant behaviour concerns and this should be the focus of the resource package)

Conduct Disorder

The number of people assigned to each topic will be determined by the number of students in the course (eg 16 students, 2 students per topic). In this way, you will receive the greatest variety of information packages. Please send me your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices via my mailbox (not discuss or submissions). To send to my mailbox, click on the mailbox icon on the screen that displays your courses (eg Exceptionalities 1), click on new in the tool bar. Type in the subject and type my name next to to. My address will automatically be shown. Double click on my name and the address will go in the correct spot. Write your request in the workspace and hit send. I will assign you the topic on a first come first served basis. I will confirm with you, via your mailbox, what resource package you will be doing. If you don’t hear from me within a day or two, please check to ensure that I got your message.

Information on the following components of the disorder is expected for the resource package. Value given to each component is indicated.
-Characteristics of the disorder (2)
-Causes and/or Contributing Factors of the disorder (2)
-Tests used to diagnose the disorder (1)
-Incidence of the disorder (1)
-Short and long term prognosis of the disorder (2)
-Resources (websites, books, computer programs, games/activities, agencies, etc (5)
-Strategies and effective approaches (7)

Remember that this resource is specifically for EAs and should be written from that perspective. Please remember to send in rich text format and send it to me via the Submissions icon. After you have submitted the assignment, please check your mailbox for the next few days. If I can’t open your submission I will let you know immediately.It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the submission is in a format that I can open.

Please check the discuss folder for the details about the number of students per topic (after lesson 2 is posted).

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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