Financial Data for Russia and China Essay

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Russia and China Using the Country Profiles and Economic Data section of the University Library, write a 1,000 to 1,500–word paper that individually examines the following financial data for each country:

Inflation Rates (Consumer Price % Change)
Exchange Rate
Interest Rates (Lending)
Narrow and Broad Definition of Money Stock (M1 & M2)
Trade Balance in US Dollars
% Change in Industrial Production
How may the data from the above categories affect country policy?
What risks are indicated by the numbers for an entity wishing to conduct international business with the country?
What is the national policy toward trade in the country?
Summarize the paper by comparing and contrasting the data from the different countries and answering the following question.
What does the data mean as far as the health of each country with respects as an option for the Riordan expansion?
NOTE ON DATA: Because of differing international reporting standards, “current” data acquired for a selected country may be as much as 8 quarters old.
NOTE ON ASSIGNMENT: This assignment will include a cover page and a reference page. In addition, the body of the assignment will include at least one page for each individual in the group covering their country of choice and a final summary or conclusions page.
Be sure to incorporate key concepts from your readings where they apply and to format the paper according to APA style.

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