Fizz and Flim Case Study; present orally their analysis of the assigned custom essay

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The group is to present orally their analysis of the assigned case study. The group will also submit a written report. The aims of this exercise is to help course participants develop the ability to take strategic decisions in a global context, to support these decisions with appropriate analyses, and to learn to communicate their ideas coherently. So, the group presentation should not simply summarise the material provided in the textbook. Also do not answer the questions for discussion where these are provided with the case (although addressing these may help you with the case analysis). Rather, after a brief introductory background on the case, each group should cover three areas:
? Situation analysis – provide an analysis of the situation as depicted in the case study.
? Strategic issues – identify and discuss the major strategic issues in the case study;
? Recommendations – discuss the means by which these issues can be addressed at a strategic level.
As it expected that the class as a whole will discuss each case, everyone should have read the cases before the presentations.

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