Focus on a specific INDUSTRY in the supply chain for your product custom essay

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Conduct Independent Reserach to find relevant articles and information.
SLP2 Assignment:
Stick with the product you chose in SLP1. Within the extended supply chain, choose an industry. For example, in the Beer extended supply chain, I could choose brewing or distribution, which are two of the key industries.
Focus on the industry and identify the size of the industry, e.g. annual sales, number of companies, etc. Is the industry segmented in some way? Who are the key players (three to five major competitors)? Focus in on the key logistics issues and the primary methods used for flow of the products. Does anyone have any advantages based on its particular logistics? Are there any key problems with logistics in this industry? What other issues are there that you see with the logistics and supply chain for this industry? Be sure to include the immediate industries in the upstream and downstream supply chain as you develop and describe the industry and where it is in the overall supply chain.
Write an SLP paper that follows the guidelines and expectations.
Assignment Expectations.
The research paper should thoroughly address these aspects in depth and breadth:
? Background: purpose of the research and the product and industry chosen for the focus
? Development of the Industry Supply Chain: articulate the various key players and information for answers to key questions. Upstream and downstream industries.
? Use of evidence and information: elucidate evidence and relevant information to support positions and opinions.
? Writing style & Organization: well-formed sentences and paragraphs, well organized with flow of reason, and good use of language that pertain to concepts and terminology
? Use of references & Citations: at least four references; appropriate use of

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