food hygiene custom essay

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my dissertation is about food hygiene in hospital in ksa ( mohammed al dossary in khobar) i will attached 2 example looks like what i want to do.
my work will be in the kitchen. be aware that you will do check lest or questioner whatever it required and send it for me to gather the information from the hospital . what i want:

1- read the example and work in the same structure
2- make the methodology, check list, questioner and whatever you need and send it to me as soon as possible.
3- a need the result by july because it’s very important
4- the whole order could finished then ,, but as i said the result by july.
5- again you have to do whatever i need to gather information from the hospital and if you need me to check anything there or even a survey .. you have to send by this week.
6- note that i’m access to hospital from 6june to 6 july and need to have the result on 1st of july
7- we have to keep in touch in every details

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