Foster Social Development in Early Childhood Custom Essay

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Detail your reponses in supporting the social development of the child/ children in the following scenarios.

1. No one wants to play Timothy (3yrs). He constantly takes toys fom other children, he pushes others over if he is not included and will hit out when frustrated or angry

2. mary (4yrs) is standing near home corner, just watching.Every now and then she edges a little closer, never taking her eyes off the 2 children already playing shops. It is clear she would love join in.

3. Two new children have joined the group. They have very dark skin and some of the children seem afriad of them and are un willing to even play near them.

4. It is nearing the end of the year and sarah has become very clingy towards the team leaders in her rrom. Sarah is 5yrs and is off to school next year.

5. Michael (3yrs) has 4 older brothers. His efforrts to making friends usually end with the other child/ children in tears. He is very rough physically and pushes ( phyically) children into doing what he wants.

6. Jane (4yrs) is very possesive of peta (4yrs). She physically puts herself between peta and any child who tries to get too close and says peta is my friend. When peta is away Jane wanders aimlessly around the room and rarely become involved in any activities where other children are playing.

7. Robbie (4yrs) has chosen Adam (4yrs) as his preferred playmate but adam is rough, loudand has a negative impact on Robbie’s behaviour.

8. When Terri ( 5yrs) get frustrated or angry she yells at the other children and throws whatever is handy at them often hurting the other child.

9. Alex ( 5yrs) has days when he gets involved in play with other children. sometimes he just watches or only wants to play with Barry.

10. Zoe’s ( 4yrs) mum bought her new bracelet. It got lost and she said Emma ( 4yrs) took it, Emma denied this and when questioned Zoe admitted to losing it herself.

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