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Teachers assignment: Each student is responsible for preparing a research project on a topic of her/his choice in Civil Liberties. The project should take up an issue related to civil liberties and detail the related litigation history. Written work in the A range is characterized by a strikingly creative, perceptive, and persuasive argument/thesis statement; comprehensive synthesis and analysis of the course material; straightforward yet sophisticated organization of thoughts and error-free prose.

My directions: The topic I chose to do the research on is going to be free speech, this is a broad topic so there will be a lot of strong and popular cases to work with. Through this we can look at a 3-6 specific cases and detail what happened during the cases (litigation history), what was the issue before the court, what they decided, and how this is all played out into todays time, etc. This shouldn’t be a summary of the cases but a research paper with arguments etc. For sources, I need 4 actual book sources, and those from the internet need to be a scholarly website like lexus nexus, jstor, college libraries etc. All work needs to be properly cited with 0 plagiarism.

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