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Part 1: Background Paper Individual You are going to need to take care of and experiment with your animal, so you need to know a lot about it! Using online sources, learn the following about your animal: Complete taxonomic classification.Write the scientific name like this: Genus species Natural range Habitat (Forest? Meadow? Wetland? Other? Does it prefer dry or wet conditions? Cool or warm? Does it need a particular kind of shelter?) Diet (What does is eat? How much? How often?) Life cycle, including reproductive characteristics (life span, age of maturity, gestation period, number of offspring, length of parental care) Daily and seasonal cycles (Is it nocturnal? diurnal? Does it have more and less active times of day and/or year? Does it hibernate? Estivate? Migrate?) Anatomy and physiology (How big is it? How much does it weigh? What are its important anatomical features? Is it an endotherm? Ectotherm? What adaptations does it have for movement? Defense? Communication? Mating?) Behaviors: How does it gather and eat its food? How does it communicate? Is it aggressive toward other members of the species? In what situations? Is it territorial? What are its mating behaviors? Can it learn to do complex tasks? Explain. After gathering your data, write a two-page paper about your species, as follows: Cover the first 7 bullet points above in about 1 page. Include about one page worth of information about behaviors. You must include at least four references: At least one reference must be an article from a scientific publication such as a behavioral science journal. Cite your references.

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