FYC Business Plan Essay

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This is a business plan of FYC which is a furniture company that have recorded improved operations on its sales and increased market share to both commercial and residential customers. With such tremendous growth and needs to computerize its operation it necessitate to formulate its business plan which will contain its short term and long term goals and how they shall be planned to ensure the company sustains its growth and continue being competitive in the market….

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The company should implement a stock control system which is able to track on usage of raw materials and notifies the employees when they reach the reorder point to be replenished (Businesslink, 2009). Furniture’s are manufactured based on the orders received therefore the company should as well enable the customers place orders easily by using real time system which is integrated in the website this would replace orders being done by mails and calls ….

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In conclusion Customer service and public relations; Customers are the reason why the company exists, so without customers the company would be in existence. Most company’s underrate the effects of customers in their operations and do not prioritize on computerizing the systems which promotes customer service and public relations (Ford Et al. 2001). Customer drives the company especially in their needs therefore the company should establish a system online to capture customers feedback which they shall use to improve on their products to meet the customers need…

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