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in my class we read the great gatsby. my essay topic is… How does Nick change from the beginning to the end of the novel? i need a Four paragraph essay, intorduction, two body, and a conclusion. i need four blended quotes internally cited, 2 per body paragraph. end introduction with good thesis. rubric: 10- original, thoughtful, well constructed, argument expressed in thesis and throughout essay 5-topic sentenced clearly relate to the thesis and direct argument of the paragraphs 5-organization within and between paragraphs is fluent, including logical transitions 20- Four quotations from the novel are well chosen and support, blended propery and cited 10-insightful and analytical commentary clarifies the evidence as suportive of the thesis and topic sentences 10-properly formated MLA style(internal citations and heading) 10- punctuation, capitalization, no “you” or “i” 10-complete varied sentenced(no run ons or fragments) 5- blended quotations

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