Gender Inequalities Custom Essay

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For this paper, explore aspects of the theme of gender inequalities in every country and the differential impact of development efforts on women and men. Use as a point of departure one example of a ‘successful’ project/program/organization aimed at promoting gender equality and empowering women that you know of.

After you choose a project, program or organization that you consider to be ‘successful’ (use Barefoot College), share why you feel the approach or activities made a positive difference. Then how would you propose that the work of this project, program, or organization that you have chosen might be ‘scaled-up’ to reach even more people?! Have a clear thesis.

You may wish to focus on work in just one village or region of a so-called “developing” country, or even on that in an “income poor” community in the U.S. or another “industrialized” country if you like.

Please put in a reference/cited passages from Martha Nussbaum’s “Women in Human Development”
(Three pages double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman!)

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