Government Business Relation: Agriculture Custom Essay

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There is one essay question, as follows:
Compare government assistance for industry in Australia and one other country (from the list below), focusing on one industry (from the list below). Which assistance policy works best? Why?
List of Countries: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Sweden, Japan, Germany, France, and Spain.
List of Industries: Manufacturing; Mining; Telecommunications; Pharmaceuticals; Agriculture; Automobile; Banking, finance or insurance; Transport (rail, road, or air); Utilities (power, water, or gas); Textiles, clothing or footwear; Building or construction; Fisheries; Forestry; Renewable energy; Entertainment or media; Food, beverages or tobacco; and Investment or securities.

I chose Agriculture industry
and the countries are : Australia and France

You have to compare Agriculture industry and their policies in these countries and which countries have the best policy between those countries.

The first paragraph is the introduction
The second one about Australia Agriculture and policies
The third one about France Agriculture and policies
The fourth one compare between them
The fifth one, which country policy is better and why?
Then the conclusion

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