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Film paper – 12 angry men (1957) Written for television, the classic 12 angry men features twelve jurors locked in a jury room on a hot day following a murder trial in which they have to decide the quilt or innocence of a ghetto kid. At first the consensus seems to be guilty as charged, that is until juror No.8 (henry Fonda) raises the possibility of reasonable doubt. While the jurors seem intent on following a path a hurry-up justice in order to beat the traffic, what ensues is a passionate debate among the twelve that reach the boiling point. Answer the following in essay form. Assume the identity of one of the two jurors in this movie based on a capital murder case: Juror #3 (lee J. Cobb) or juror #8 (Mr. Davis, played by henry Fonda). Take the first person position as to whether the jury should convict (led by juror #3) or acquit (juror #8). Support your position with scene from the movie and on the basis of your own personal system. What does the movie say about the human element of jury trial in the American court system? Is there a better way to find justice for all? At the end of the movie, after a rather contentious day in the jury room, the jurors walk out of the courthouse and scatter. What is the symbolism (if any) attached to that image? (Note: there is a 1997 TV movie version of the same title available. You may watch one instead of the 1957 version, though I consider the earlier version as directed by the legendary Sidney Lumet to be vastly superior. Someone has uplink the 1957 version in you tube and in 10star movie. Should you choose the 1997 version, substitute George C. Scott (Juror #3) and Jack Lemmon (juror #8) for the Cobb and Fonda role, respectively. Place to watch the movie Another guideline The paper should be in 12 fonts, double spaced – courier or Cambria. Write on first-person (I, me, my). Why? Most online papers are written in a detached third person, not first person. This reduces plagiarism. Lastly, the paper should be 450-550 words maximum (2-3 pages) word processed.

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