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Write an advocacy argument essay showing your support for a cause or position. Your advocacy should be explained clearly and precisely, and your justification for this position should include solid evidence from the best academic and other legitimate sources you can locate, as well as the application of logic and reason, rather than simply personal beliefs.


Your audience is composed of the other students in your class?academic thinkers who are likely skeptical. Keep in mind that your audience may have perspectives that are very different from your own. Try to provide adequate explanation and support so that they can understand your perspective.


? Demonstrate understanding and analysis of the advocacy position
? Demonstrate understanding and application of objective reasoning and evidence for the position
? Demonstrate objective analysis of opposing views
? Understand and apply requirements of assignment, including use of MLA format
? Apply MLA guidelines in in-text citation and documentation
? Apply rules of standard English


Length ? 2.5 ? 3.5 pages
Sources ? 3-4 academic or other legitimate sources
Format ? MLA with MLA documentation and in-text citation
Due dates ? As per our schedule


I. In the introduction, acquaint your readers with a brief overview of the subject. Then, you must state clearly your advocacy of a particular position or cause with an overview of your justification of this stance (the thesis).
II. In the second part of your paper, you must argue your thesis by covering the supporting ideas you have given in your introduction. Discuss each premise in a separate section with objective evidence from your sources, as well as the application of logic. Be sure to use in-text citation each time you use words or ideas from any of your sources.
III. In the third part of your paper, you must acknowledge opposing views and alternate positions. Discuss each view in a separate paragraph, with clear explanation and analysis of the strengths and weaknesses. In each case, provide thorough explanation of reasons that your position is preferable.
IV. In the conclusion, you must re-establish your position with final insight and justification. This is your last opportunity to convince readers that your advocacy is justified, so strive to leave your audience considering the subject and its importance, rather than simply repeating all your previous points.

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