Greeks and the Modern Fathers. custom essay

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Read chapters 2 and 3 of the book called,The Story of Psychology Written by Morton Hunt. and write a two page seminar paper by answering the following questions 1) what important historical developments for psychology were covered in the chapters that you read? 2)connect something in this weeks assignment to something you know from your knowledge or experience outside the course, for example something from your life,film, music,tv another course tour taking or something else you know about. 3) conect some topic covered in this weeks assignment to a topic in a previous week, how does this weeks assignment add or built on this previously covered topic? and last weeks assignment we talked about what hypocrates is; body is mad of 4 elements -socrates and who hes was and what he believed in. -plato, what he believed in adn who he was, and his soul characteristics. -we spoke about aristotle and that he was platos student, we spoke about dualism, the old chinese idea, the “yin yan”, tao or doa: way of doing something. so please compare all that to the reading.

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