Grenny Maxfield and Shimberg Article Analysis Custom Essay

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Write (2 pages) for the discussion questions, and summary what you think about the question, please have example in the paper for the discussions questions. Also please have the questions in Bold on the paper and then put the information up under it. Please use (2) references from (2010-2012) in the paper and on the reference page.
Please answer everything in the questions

The paper must have o % Plagiarism free ( must be written in your own words), and you cannot use passive voice (passive voice is any word that ends with ed, please do not use any words that that end with (ed), for example like completed, that is a passive voice)
And the paper must have examples to state your claim
Please have some examples in the paper, and use all 275 words per page.
Make sure you have the questions (1) in Bold on the paper, and then put the answer under it.

– In the Grenny, Maxfield, and Shimberg article, five crucial questions are asked. Which question is most important? Why? Describe an experience where problems were caused by not knowing the answer to one or more of the questions. Do not use names or identifying details in your response. (this must be in the paper). Please provide some example (4 per page).

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