Has clicking replaced thinking? custom essay

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Review the article that I attached, “Has clicking replaced thinking?” Do you agree that the Internet has fundamentally changed the way we think and gather information? Explain why or why not. Use specific examples to back up your conclusion(s).

To. Writer

-You need to write your own opinions & thoughts.

-DO NOT summarize the article. You need answer the question in topic. No need to summarize at all!

– You need to provide specific examples of the points you were trying to make.

– Use current examples.

– If you use facts from a source or quote a source, please attribute the information.

— The overuse of “I think,” “In my opinion” or “I believe.” Once again, most of the time it’s not necessary to use these. These are your papers and what you write is what you think or believe.

-Attribution. I expect you to attribute facts and figures to the source.

-Even if I checked on ‘No sources required’ you can use any references (from web mostly) but please CITED at the end of the paper where your references came from.

– Please understand that I go to college in hawaii and i’m an international student from south Korea(Woman). please do use easy an simple grammar like a international student.

Thank you. Please email me or leave a message here if you have any questions.

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