Has the global financial crisis led to a reassessment of government intervention in the economy Custom Essay

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Has the global financial crisis led to a reassessment of government intervention in the economy? Discuss in relation to at least two countries, using specific examples from those countries.

In terms of the structure of the essay, it is very important that you have a clear introduction that sets out what argument you are making and how you intend to make it. The body will consist of arguments and points in support of your position, while the conclusion restates the arguments and offers some observations based on your research.

Basic requirements for essays and submissions

Written assignments must conform to the standards specified below. Make sure that your assignment conforms to these standards.

* Completed assignment cover sheet
* A title page with your name, student number, title of essay/submission and word length must be included.
* The font size must be read comfortably.
* The following examples should be used as a guide: Arial – 10 point and Times Roman – 12 point.
* Line spacing is either double or 1½.
* Both margins (left and right) are at least 3cm.
* Pages are numbered.
* References cited in the text conform to the APA reference style. If a reference is taken from a particular page, or pages, within the article or book, then the page number(s) must be included. The format should include the author, date of publication, and page number
* When words are taken directly from other sources (books, articles and web sites) and reproduced in an essay/submission quotation marks must be used.
* A reference list is attached and the entries are in alphabetical order by author.
* The assignment has been proof read

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