Health Care issues; What is the issue, Immediate, crisis,: lack of access to health care system custom essay

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I. What is the issue?
1. Our health care system is not as good as it should be. We spend the most money of any country on health care, but have the least healthy population of any developed country.
Measurements of health: infant mortality
Life expectancy
2. Access to health care ? uneven
3. why does it matter?

II. Immediate ?crisis?: lack of access to health care system
1. How do most people access health care?
A. job based health insurance
How does insurance work?
B. Government run health care:
Government insurance: Medicare ? medicaid
Government run system: VA

2. Who is left out?
Working poor ? Those with jobs without benefits (free lance, temp work, part-time,working poor)
People who opt out (usually young, healthy ? why is this a problem?)

3. State of current debate
A. What did health care reform do?
i.Guarentees of coverage: pre-existing conditions, young people, can?t loose insurance, life-time caps
ii.Everyone required to join
Different types of systems
B. Objections
i. individual mandate is it Constitutional

C. Health care reform or health insurance reform?

4. What are alternative systems?
Everything free market
Universal insurance – issues
?Single payer? ? government funded system
With or without a second free market system
Government run system
With or without a second free market system

III. Long term problem: Growing costs / What do we spend our money on?
1. High tech ? advanced equipment
Competition between hospitals, etc.

2. Emphasis on intervention not prevention
Prevention cheaper ? example of vaccinations
Less investment in public health
Intervention at end of life (fear of death?)

3. Emphasis on specialty medicine over general practice

4. Health care organized as market place/private enterprise as opposed to social good introduces profit motive ? you make money by doing things (not by not doing things) so incentive is to do stuff

5. Emphasis on defensive medicine / impact of malpractice suits

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