Health Care Legislation that should be made into law in the U.S. custom essay

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Write a research paper advocating a piece of legislation you believe the United States federal
government should bring into law. As discussed in class, you should explain why your legislation
addresses an important issue and why it constitutes a superior solution to that problem. In addition, as
previously discussed at length in class, you will be rewarded for in-depth analysis (as opposed to
broader, more general treatments) that address the various sides of an issue and arrives at a net
benefits analysis of your legislation.

You are encouraged to build on the research you conducted for your term 1 paper in this course. The
first term essay was designed to provide you with a foundation of information on a public policy issue
that you find personally interesting. Having completed that assignment, you should now be familiar
with the literature relevant to your selected issue. Beyond that, the critical assessment portion of your
paper should provide you with several starting points for thinking about solutions to problems you
indentified. The purpose of the assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to think more deeply about your
chosen public policy issue. It is one thing to provide a critique of a literature on a public policy issue but
a critique without a solution is usually unsatisfying. So this paper challenges you to defend a solution
the US federal government should enact in order to address the problems you have identified. I believe
this is the kind of work you will have to undertake for the rest of your life. Regardless of whatever
profession(s) you pursue, an ability to critically evaluate problems and issues will help you succeed. But
an ability to create and defend solutions provides you with an opportunity to be a leader. There are a variety of ways to go about constructing your paper. It is your paper; make the choices you
feel are best. One way to think about putting the paper together would be to include the following
information/arguments. You should provide a brief introduce your particular public policy issue. This
would include an explanation of the importance of the issue as well as a brief discussion of the relevant
research. This portion of the paper could be based largely on your term 1 paper and research. As such,
it should constitute a substantial portion of the paper. As we are scaffolding these assignments, we are
willing to assume, based on a brief demonstration, that you have sufficient expertise on the topic to
discuss legislative solutions.
Having provided that introduction, you could then turn to the issue of legislative solutions. You will
need to clearly identify the inadequacies of the existing legislation (this could also be done in the prior
evaluation section). You will need to offer a legislative solution that addresses these inadequacies. Here
you could advocate the passage of an existing bill or propose a solution of your own creation. Having
done that, you should explain why your solution is superior to the status quo. Ideally, you should
discuss the advantages as well as the disadvantages of your proposal. This would involve recognizing
the critiques opponents would advance against your proposal and providing answers to their positions.
And just to be clear, no proposals are perfect. We are looking for an intelligent discussion of the costs
and benefits or the acceptability of the tradeoffs implied by your proposal.

Research Requirements:
Absolute minimum of 15 high-quality sources
Citation of Wikipedia results in a zero for the paper
Do not cite textbooks
Please employ The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition. In particular, you should employ the Notes
and Bibliography system of documentation (NOT the Author-Date References system). For a
comprehensive, online explanation of this approach, please see:
Must include Endnotes with relevant page numbers (NOT footnotes or in-text citation) when citing the
work of others
Properly formatted bibliography
Do not reference material that is not cited in paper

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