Health Research

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This is a research paper which evaluates on how one would be able to conduct health research data successfully by use of qualitative research methods. Qualitative research is a mode of research which connects both mathematical expression and empirical observations. Its is commonly used when the researchers are in need to evaluate on how often or even how many times an event occur. This question is paramount when its in contest of health research as the researcher will need to know how many the case under study are reported and how often it occur within an indentified research population at a given period.

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According to Carol, (1999) homelessness is a health issue for the people who live in the streets. There are those in the streets who are genuine, they do not have a place to call home and they result to reside in the streets. While, there are those who are in the street at their own will because they do benefit by begging which is their source of livelihood. However, people living in the streets feel they are not given any help by those who are in authority such as city councils and the government.

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In conclusion after successful data collection there is need to analyze the data for implementation. The data is analyzed and compiled and descriptive techniques are used to represent the findings in form of reports, graphs and tables which are user friendly and easily understood (Norman and Yvonna, 2005). In the reports it has the findings of the research and recommendations on what need to be done to improve on the health situation which was being researched.

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