Healthcare Case Study Custom Essay

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To examine real-life health care dilemmas, make connections with legal/ethical principles studied in class, and apply a logical framework for resolving these dilemmas.
1. You will be randomly placed into ‘User Groups’ at the beginning of the course.
a. You can view and interact with your group by clicking on the ‘Groups’ tab in the Main Menu.
2. You will be assigned Five Case Studies throughout the course. Each case study will be slightly different, but they will all have the same basic requirements as described below.
3. Read the Case Study provided and discuss it with the other members of your group.
4. Write up your Case Study Analysis (550-750 words), following APA format (including a properly formatted bibliography and in-text citations). Be sure to cover all of the elements described below.
5. Upload your assignment to the digital drop-box to be graded.
Case Study #1: Three Car Pile-Up
The paramedics have been called for a terrible three car pile-up on the Interstate. They arrive at the scene and there are several people trapped in their cars. The responders go right to work with the help of the fire company and help to pull the badly hurt patients out of their cars. One victim is dead on arrival and does not need to be transported to the hospital. Another victim survived with minor bumps and bruises and was transported to a local hospital by an ambulance responding from another town. Two paramedics and two EMTs have to perform CPR while at the scene on the two remaining patients who are suffering from multiple injuries to their head, chest and limbs. These responders run on a local ambulance and they are in your Emergency Room frequently.
When the paramedics arrive at your emergency room, you notice that they are covered in blood and are clearly exhausted and shaken from what they have experienced. One patient is still undergoing CPR when they are brought in and eventually dies from his injuries in the Emergency Room. The other patient is seen immediately by a trauma surgeon, and then gets transported to the Intensive Care Unit in Critical Condition. The patient who lives is admitted and gets a battery of tests.
The next day as you are going through the charts to check if they are complete, you notice that the surviving patient tested positive for HIV. Just minutes later, the paramedic crew that brought the patients in yesterday arrives with a patient who is suffering from shortness of breath. After they get the patient settled in a room, they come out to chat with you at the nurse’s desk and ask how their patient from yesterday was doing. You are not sure how to answer.
– Include key people and elements of the Case Study that demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of the issues and topics presented.

– Present an insightful and thorough analysis of all issues identified in the summary. Sometimes I may include questions to answer within this section to help guide you. This section should make appropriate connections between the issues identified in the Summary and the concepts studied in the reading
– Some questions to consider in your analysis…
1. Does this case present an ethical, legal, moral, or etiquette dilemma?
2. Is there a Code of Ethics that would assist us with this situation?
3. What ethical standard would best help you approach this situation?
4. How does this situation relate to the “bigger picture” of Health Care? Does this situation happen often? How can this scenario help us to address other difficult situations?

– Provide a recommendation on how the Case Study should be resolved. Be sure to supports your recommendation and opinions with strong arguments and evidence from the textbook. Your recommendation should demonstrate a balanced and critical view of the problem and present a detailed, realistic, and appropriate recommendation on what action should be taken. Be sure that your ideas are clearly supported by the information presented throughout the course and/or concepts from the reading.
– Be sure to use the framework for ethical decision making to arrive at your recommendation.

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